“Your Attention Please” sold to Daily Science Fiction

As much as I enjoy the scope and the power to immerse oneself in the world and characters of a novel, there’s something special about being able to read an entire story in one sitting. That’s why I love reading and writing short stories, and there’s a special place in my heart for really short stories. So I was delighted when Daily Science Fiction informed me they were buying my ultra short piece “Your Attention Please.” This isn’t the shortest story I’ve written (that honour belongs to “Counting Corpses” at 120 words), but this one is pretty close at around 300 words. “Your Attention Please” was sparked by the thought (which coalesced in my mind only after I’d written the story) that Marshall McLuhan may have been right when he said that the medium is the message . . . but that things have changed since his time.

This will be my fourth appearance in Daily Science Fiction. The third, “Ali Knows the Future,” is forthcoming, and the other two are available to read for free: “The Reality Machine” (1/6/2016) and “Luna City, At Night” (5/3/2014).

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