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Half-a-Fish Theology Episode One: “Does God send people to Hell?”

In the first of a new series of short videos looking at questions of theology from an ancient, Orthodox Christian perspective, I take a very brief look at the question, “Does God send people to Hell?” Can’t watch video? You can

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Confused Expressions #5: Thank Goodness

Of all the expressions I don’t understand, “thank goodness” is my favorite. Without any other consideration, however, I’d regard the term a step above mere noise or throat-clearing. Although the first word conveys a sense of gratitude (of course), the

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The Christian God vs the Sky-Bully

In my city, a mini-controversy has recently erupted over an advertisement that an atheist group would like posted in city buses. The ad reads, “There’s probably no God, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” (If this campaign hasn’t come

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