A Devil’s Gospel

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The One they’ve been seeking is
the One they’ve been hiding from…

This is the Biblical narrative in a way you’ve never encountered it before—the story of Enoch, an angel who is swept up in the war against God. He fights for Lucifer, and falls with him when the rebels are overthrown.

Although Enoch finds renewed purpose in Lucifer’s mission—to uncover and thwart God’s plan for the strange new creatures of flesh and blood—he is haunted by the memory of Heaven, tormented by jealousy of these creatures of matter, and terrified by the thought that God’s plan for their redemption will end with his own annihilation.

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From Adam to Jesus, A Devil’s Gospel spans thousands of years, as Enoch and the other dark angels suspect one person after another of being the promised Messiah, and attempt to corrupt or kill these people they’re afraid have been sent to destroy them.

In the spirit of C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, this is the sweeping drama of Christianity from the perspective of a fallen angel.

It all starts with a man and a woman, many millennia ago…

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