A Devil’s Gospel: Cover reveal (throwback)

Earlier this week I revealed the ebook and paperback covers for A Devil’s Gospel.

Years ago, when the manuscript was ready for my wife to edit, I decided that instead of just printing it out, I would print and bind a nice book-like copy for her (this was a while back, before I’d discovered print-on-demand). I quickly made the following cover for her hand-bound copy:

Old cover for A Devil's Gospel

The image on the front cover is of what’s commonly referred to as the Trinity icon, by the Russian painter Andrei Rublev. Its significance will be the subject of a future blog post in this series (as will the story of why it took so long for me to get A Devil’s Gospel into print).

Stay tuned for that; in the meantime, check back next week for the full text of Chapter 1 of the novel, starting with the first part on Monday.

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2 comments on “A Devil’s Gospel: Cover reveal (throwback)
  1. Joni says:

    Looking forward to it!

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