A Devil’s Gospel: Table of Contents Reveal

Last Friday I announced the upcoming release of my novel, A Devil’s Gospel, on Palm Sunday this year, and this past Monday I revealed the novel’s blurb (description).

Today I want to talk about how the novel is structured. It consists of two books: the first (called “Shadows”) generally covers the period contained in the Old Testament (as we Christians refer to it), and the second (called “Substance”) covers the New Testament period, around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. A pretty natural division for my novel, since the Bible itself is likewise divided!

Each book consists of (did you guess?) twelve chapters. Like the number two (there are two testaments and two covenants; Christ has two natures, divine and human; etc.), twelve is a very important number in Judeo-Christianity, primarily because of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and (their parallel) the Twelve Apostles called by the New Israel, Jesus Christ.

One of the great bits of fun I had in writing the book was naming each chapter title. So here they all are:

Book One: Shadows
  • Chapter 1 The First War
  • Chapter 2 A Man and a Woman
  • Chapter 3 A New War
  • Chapter 4 A Man of Faith
  • Chapter 5 A Man of Dreams
  • Chapter 6 A Man Called Israel
  • Chapter 7 A Prince
  • Chapter 8 A Saviour
  • Chapter 9 A Line of Judges
  • Chapter 10 A King
  • Chapter 11 A Master Builder
  • Chapter 12 The End
Book Two: Substance
  • Chapter 1 The Son of God
  • Chapter 2 The Tempted Man
  • Chapter 3 The Lamb of God
  • Chapter 4 The Mother of God
  • Chapter 5 The Two Questions
  • Chapter 6 The Divine Savior
  • Chapter 7 The Incarnate God
  • Chapter 8 The Problem
  • Chapter 9 The Wonder
  • Chapter 10 The Triumph
  • Chapter 11 The Victory
  • Chapter 12 The Eighth Day

Why I called the first book “Shadows” and the second “Substance” will be the subject of this Friday’s post!

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