“The Wormtail Invasion” in Aurealis

Publication news! My short story “The Wormtail Invasion” is now available in Issue 150 of Aurealis. You can buy the issue if you’d like to read my story and the content listed below.

Cover image for Aurealis 150


  • From the Cloud (editorial) by Michael Pryor
  • The Thrill by JP Townsend
  • Remembrance in Skin by Alastair Brown
  • The Wormtail Invasion by Karl El-Koura
  • Anne McCaffrey: Prolific World-Builder by Lynne Lumsden Green
  • The World of The Last Lemurian: A Westralian Romance, by G Firth Scott by Gillian Polack
  • The Slow-Burn Brilliance of Midnight Mass by Kris Ashton

And now a sneak peak at my story:

The Wormtail Invasion

by Karl El-Koura

On the night the wormtail aliens returned, a crescent moon hung in the sky like a bright white fingernail. The undiluted starscape had kept me occupied for many nights, drinking warm beer on the roof of our bungalow, staring and counting stars and half-wondering if this would be the night. Then, suddenly, there they were—just like my dad had described, a pulsating amber glow so distinct it couldn’t be mistaken for a star or a meteor.

The beer dropped from my hand, the bottle rolling down the sloping roof, spilling its liquid guts gaily, then clunking with a thud as it got stuck in the eavestrough.

Hardly able to believe it, I scampered across the roof like a crab, then all but jumped onto the ladder I’d propped against the side of the house, and slid along the metal rails to the ground.


Read “The Wormtail Invasion” by buying your copy of Issue 150 of Aurealis.

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