“The Transplant” in Daily Science Fiction!

My flash fiction story “The Transplant” is today’s featured story at Daily Science Fiction. This is my fifth appearance there; the previous four are linked below, followed by a sample of my latest attempt to deliver an interesting science fiction story in under a thousand words.

The Transplant

by Karl El-Koura

Music is amazing, isn’t it? Just has the power to transport you, to change your mood, to give you energy.

Of course I know why you’ve called me. Actually, no, I don’t know why. One of my clones died in an accident—why is that worth a call?

Let me get this straight–I didn’t fill out an insurance claim for my clone, so that set off some kind of alarm in the suddenly efficient bureaucracy of our government? I didn’t want the headache of dealing with the insurance company over one clone–I don’t need the money, and nothing can be done to restore that clone now. Do you think I live alone in a private satellite above the Earth because I enjoy company? But now you’ve appeared on my terminal to tell me I still get to have the headache, just without the payoff, is that right? And not even a real person–do I have that part right too?—but a clone is calling me?

I’m glad you’re highly trained, and I appreciate your real is very busy and that you speak on her authority. I suppose a clone’s death is still worth looking into, just not worth a real person’s time?


Read “The Transplantat Daily Science Fiction.

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