“The Azurian Shield” sold to Metaphorosis

A few days ago, I hinted at some news in the works. Today I’m very pleased to announce that one of the longest short stories I’ve ever written (just shy of ten thousand words, firmly in novelette territory), “The Azurian Shield,” will be published in Metaphorosis Magazine.

B. Morris Allen, the editor of Metaphorosis, has one of the keenest editorial eyes I’ve had the privilege of working with. We went back and forth through a few rounds of editing, and Morris pointed out several issues and problems. Addressing those pushed me to clarify ideas that were half-formed even in my own mind, and the final result is a much better story.

I’ve wanted to get my work into Metaphorosis for a while now (“The Azurian Shield” was my twelfth submission to them), and I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with you.

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