The Lost Stories: Coming September 2011

If you like biblically inspired science fiction humor (who doesn’t, really?), you’ll want to check out my book The Lost Stories: A Series of Cosmic Adventures, which is coming to ebook readers across the world in September 2011.

Will you laugh? Very likely. Will you smile? A lot.  Will you groan and shake your head on a regular basis? Absolutely. In the tradition of Isaac Asimov’s pun-in-cheek “feghoots,” each of the twelve short-shorts that make up The Lost Stories ends in a play on words and phrases that will leave you wondering what’s wrong with the author.

These are the adventures of James Kollins: greedy, petty, selfish captain of the galactic warship DeVille; a man obsessed with the holodrama Captain Courageous and the Women Who Love Him; a man completely unforgiving of his much-maligned first officer.  A man who has just met the Creator of the universe, though he doesn’t quite realize it yet, and whose life is about to change in ways he never dreamed possible, though he doesn’t quite know it yet.

Find out what happens when an overgrown child in charge of a large military ship, but sadly lacking a conscience and possessed of a strange sense of humor, comes into contact with God Himself, who isn’t above playing a few tricks of His own.

You’ll be plunged into interstellar war and ultramodern espionage, witness textbook-poor diplomacy and longstanding family feuds, and even encounter a seemingly evil empire of cute babies.

Part loving Star Trek parody (I mean, homage), part spiritual journey, The Lost Stories is a series of cosmic and comic adventures that are silly, fun, and also demonstrate the Power of God working in the life of even the most self-obsessed warship captain you’ve ever met.

Stay tuned throughout August for further announcements, including a sneak peak at the book’s cover art.

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