“Ali Knows the Future” sold to Daily Science Fiction

Very happy to report that Daily Science Fiction has bought my short story “Ali Knows the Future,” which I wrote after our daughter said that her friend from preschool could predict the future, and I started to wonder if he actually could.

Cover image of Fictitious Force #3 (November 2006)

This will be my third appearance at Daily Science Fiction. While waiting for “Ali Knows the Future” to be published, you can read the two previous ones: “The Reality Machine” (1/6/2016) and “Luna City, At Night” (5/3/2014).

(As an interesting historical note—interesting to me, at least—although this is the third story I’ve sold to the publishers and editors behind Daily Science Fiction, Michele-Lee Barasso and Jonathan Laden, I sold them another story almost fifteen years ago. That one, called “Hubot” and about a boy who pretends his mother is a servant-robot so his friends won’t think he’s poor, appeared in Issue 3 of Fictitious Force in November 2006.)

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