“Stevenson’s Planet” in Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine #31

My story “Stevenson’s Planet” is now available in Issue 31 of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine. You can buy your own copy!

This is my third appearance in Neo-opsis, following “The Kedari Virus” in Issue 9 (way back in 2006) and “You Just Proved Title Advertising Works” in Issue 26 (2016). Neo-opsis has made the decision to go digital-only as of this issue. If you’d like a print copy of the previous issues, you should grab a copy before they’re gone: www.neo-opsis.ca/Store.htm.

Cover art for Neo-opsis 31

Stevenson’s Planet

by Karl El-Koura

Until he got the gruesome note, David had never had reason to believe that his father was anything more than an honest, hardworking, successful miner. Butler brought him the opaque plastic envelope very early on a Monday morning. His father had been away for three weeks now, leaving the running of the planet-side of the business, as he often did, in David’s young but capable hands.

David groaned, pulled himself up along the headboard, and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He opened the envelope and pulled out the note.

All of what you think of as yours is rightfully mine. Your father is a thief and a murderer and he will pay for his crimes. How much of him you save is up to you. Enclosed please find the pinkie finger of his right hand. I have kept the ring, as first payment. Transfer thirty billion credits to the account below. One way or another, your father will be returned to you. In how many pieces depends on your promptness.

Breathing hard, David looked inside the envelope. There it was, a tiny piece of flesh.

Read “Stevenson’s Planet” and other stories in Neo-opsis #31.

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