“The Shift” sold to The Colored Lens

My very long short story (or very short novelette) “The Shift” has been accepted for publication in The Colored Lens. I’m told it’ll be in their Autumn 2021 issue, so you (and I) don’t have long to wait (the leaves already turning color, and some chilly days after a long heat wave, make it feel like autumn is here already in my part of the world).

“The Shift” started life as an entirely different story, a flash fiction piece called “On the Night of the Full Moon, You Will Hear a Werewolf Howl.” I wrote that one based on the idea of a man who is flung to an alternate universe whenever his life is in danger in the current one. I received positive feedback from a few editors on it, but they said they wanted to see the implications of the idea worked out more. After a few such comments, I realized I’d written a HAITE story (“Here’s An Idea, The End!”), so I threw away that manuscript (figuratively), and wrote and wrote until I had almost nine thousand words of a new story, which became “The Shift.” (I went to the other extreme with this manuscript and overwrote it; revising brought it down to its current seven thousand words or so).

I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

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