3 Days to Release of “Father John VS the Zombies”

Father John VS the Zombies will be officially launched this Wednesday, December 12.  Can’t wait? You can read a short interview to learn more about the book and, to whet your appetite, you can read the first chapter right now!

These characters and their story have been my own private domain* for too long.  I’m excited to let the book out into the world and to start sharing this story. (Unless everyone hates it and tells me what a terrible writer I am** … then I suppose it would’ve been better if I’d kept it private.)

Everything is on track for the launch this week (for the ebook, at least; the print version may take some extra time to make its way into the various retailers), so stay tuned for the official announcement on Wednesday.

* Except for my wife and my brother, who are my first readers on everything I write.

** Some people say writers suffer from self-esteem issues. Personally I don’t know what they’re talking about.

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