Message from Spalmfred (aka, “Message from Alfred Petrick”)

I get spam messages all the time, but the one below is the first I’ve received through Goodreads (I flagged it, so presumably this account will be taken down). Interesting that unlike most spam I receive, this message seems like it was written by someone familiar with the English language—I guess Goodreads attracts more literate spammers.

I don’t imagine many writers would fall for this, but I’m adding it to this site just in case someone has doubts and does a search.

The text:

Hello, Karl El-Koura. I just want to say hi and introduce myself – I’m a huge fan of your books! Your dialogue is snappy and it’s like I could physically hear every word. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

As an aspiring author myself, I thought I’d send you a quick message to share a recently discovered website specifically designed for authors to increase the sales of our books. I’ve personally tried what’s offered on that website for the last month and honestly, I was blown away with the results I got!

I’ve managed to increase my fiction book sales from an average of 150 per week to more than 550 per week as a result of using only these techniques. I love your work and admire you as an author, I want more people to experience your books! Everyone deserves to hear your stories so I’m excited to share this website as friendly act of kindness.

You can find it here: [link removed]. This website features only the absolute best products for independent authors and publishers.

I want quality work to receive the audience it deserves – nowadays it’s so hard to increase sales. P.S. I assure you – I’m not affiliated with this website in any way. Good luck, Karl El-Koura!

And a screenshot:

Message from Spalmfred

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