The Lost Stories: 50% Off Coupon to Celebrate New Cover

While working on the paperback version of The Lost Stories (the ebook was published last September), I decided that the cover wasn’t working. Although I liked it as cover art (and love the stunning Hubble telescope photo it uses as a background), I felt, now that I was taking another look, that the cover didn’t capture the tone of the stories (which are intended to be fun and light) and that it wouldn’t indicate much to a potential reader, except that these were presumably science fiction stories. I decided to design a new cover, one that a) still managed to convey that these were science fiction stories, but also that they were fun and funny; b) was visually simpler, with not as many elements; and c) included some reference or allusion to the self-absorbed starship captain at the center of the adventures.

Here is the original cover:

The Lost Stories (Old Cover Art)

And this is the new one:

The Lost Stories (old cover)

What do you think?  Is the new cover an improvement over the old?

I definitely think it is, and to celebrate I’m offering 50% off the ebook price, valid for the next week.  To take advantage, go to The Lost Stories page on, add the book to your cart, and enter the coupon code before completing your checkout.

Promotional price: $1.50
Coupon Code: LS59H
Expires: July 10, 2012

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