Sneak Peek: “Father John VS the Zombies” (Coming Late 2012)

I’m excited to reveal information about my forthcoming novel.  In almost 15 years of active publishing, I’ve published over 60 short stories in different magazines and anthologies, two collections of stories, some articles and blog posts, but never a novel-length work—until now.

It’s called Father John VS the Zombies and it’s the story of a man who finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse—but I can safely say this isn’t like any other zombie story you’ve read before.

In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be releasing more details about the book, including revealing the cover art, providing the first chapter for free (in the hopes it sinks its fangs into you “—oh wait, that’s a different genre), and a few other things I have planned.  Below is a short description of the novel and a masked version of the cover art to whet your appetite.  Father John vs the Zombies is planned for publication in late 2012.

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An End Times Novel of the Zombie Apocalypse

Father John VS the Zombies - Cover Art Coming Soon
Civilization has collapsed. The world is dying.

It happened very fast. Within weeks, isolated news reports of people acting in strange and often violent ways became frequent and widespread. Terrifying videos were uploaded to the internet in shocking numbers from across the globe. Chaotic images of societies in rapid decline.

Then—everything went dark. No electricity, no internet, no broadcasts on the emergency radio station.

Now—howling, angry, bloodied creatures claw to get into Johnny Salibi’s house, where he lives with his wife and infant daughter.

But Johnny and his family are safe. He’s boarded up the windows. The door is locked and secure. They will ride things out until the government can get things under control again. They’re safe. . .

. . . except that they’re not.

Johnny must try to protect his wife and daughter in a world suddenly turned apocalyptic. But things will not go according to plan. Johnny will learn that the zombie plague is not what he or anyone else thought it was. He will learn that the government is not in any position to rescue them. And he will also learn that an unlikely group of survivors might hold the key not only to survival, but to salvation.

Planned for publication in late 2012

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Combining elements of zombie fiction, apocalyptic literature, and spiritual thrillers, this is the gripping tale of a man whose faith in God is put to the test with life-and-death—and even greater—consequences.

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