Short Story Collection Book Launch (with Book Trailer!)

Ooter’s Place and Other Stories of Fear, Faith, and Love is a collection of 13 of my short stories. Twelve were previously published in magazines between 1998 and 2010, while the bonus story is exclusive to this collection. Organized in three sections—Fear, Faith, and Love—the anthology also contains an introduction and forewords to accompany each story (an afterword in the case of the bonus story).

The stories span a wide range of genres (including science fiction, fantasy, horror, detective fiction, military fiction, and superhero fiction) and a wide range of lengths (from the shortest story at 250 words to the longest at 7500 words). There are light stories and darker stories, funny stories and serious stories—with such a wide variety, it is my hope that everyone can find at least a few stories in here to enjoy and that will stay with them after they’ve put down the book.

Ooter’s Place and Other Stories of Fear, Faith, and Love is now available for purchase as a paperback and an ebook.

Want more information?

You can read more about the book, including a list contents, get more details on ordering a copy, and watch the book trailer below.

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Karl El-Koura was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and currently lives with his beautiful editor-wife in Canada’s capital city. More than sixty of his short stories and articles have been published in magazines since 1998, and in 2012 he independently published his debut novel Father John VS the Zombies.

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2 comments on “Short Story Collection Book Launch (with Book Trailer!)
  1. Shawn Joseph says:

    I decided to check in to your blog after a few (10) months. Is it a coincidence that there was a some big news posted just yesterday, or is it synchronicity?

    No matter, congratulations on the book!

    • That is weird timing, Shawn! It’s actually been about that long since I’ve published a new blog post … I’ve been busy with this book, a novel I’ve been working on and that I’ve recently finished, and some other projects. Anyway, thanks very much for the good wishes!

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