Month: July 2012

Creation House / Charisma Media’s Side of the Story

A few days ago, I shared my opinions on an offer to “co-publish” my manuscript that I received from Charisma Media. I felt, and feel, that at the very best the deal is bad for writers and at worst their

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Writer Beware: Creation House / Charisma Media

Before I go into what I think writers should be aware of before working with Creation House / Charisma Media, let me give you a bit of background. (You can skip to specific discussion of Charisma Media if you’re not

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The Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

In twelve weeks, Kirsten and I will be married in an Orthodox church. Since many of our guests are either not Orthodox or not Christian, and we wanted them to have a sense of what’s happening in the wedding ceremony,

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The Lost Stories: 50% Off Coupon to Celebrate New Cover

While working on the paperback version of The Lost Stories (the ebook was published last September), I decided that the cover wasn’t working. Although I liked it as cover art (and love the stunning Hubble telescope photo it uses as

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