Year: 2012

The End Is Here (Launch of “Father John VS the Zombies”)

Father John VS the Zombies is now officially out in the world! The ebook has started appearing on various retailers, with more to be added soon. The paperback is forthcoming. Right now you can buy your ebook copy from: Amazon (for

3 Days to Release of “Father John VS the Zombies”

Father John VS the Zombies will be officially launched this Wednesday, December 12.  Can’t wait? You can read a short interview to learn more about the book and, to whet your appetite, you can read the first chapter right now! These

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A Self-Interview for “Ooter’s Place” (Transcript)

Last summer I published my short story anthology Ooter’s Place and Other Stories of Fear, Faith, and Love. At the time, I came up with what I thought was a funny idea to promote the book, and quickly sat down

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Writers: God Wants You to Outline Your Novel!

Father John VS the Zombies is the third novel I’ve written, but only the first I outlined.  Before Father John, I wrote two novels and over 60 short stories, never once working from an outline.  I just began at the

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The Story of My Success

I love reading other writers’ success stories. Since every writer starts at the same place (the bottom), their story is usually a rags-to-riches one of hope, struggle, defeat, defeat, defeat, and then victory. As a writer on the bottom myself

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“Father John VS the Zombies” on Facebook

Father John VS the Zombies, my forthcoming novel about the zombie apocalypse from a Christian perspective, has its own page on Facebook! Drop by for an exclusive look* at the novel’s cover art. * Exclusive for now. The cover art

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Sneak Peek: “Father John VS the Zombies” (Coming Late 2012)

I’m excited to reveal information about my forthcoming novel.  In almost 15 years of active publishing, I’ve published over 60 short stories in different magazines and anthologies, two collections of stories, some articles and blog posts, but never a novel-length

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Creation House / Charisma Media’s Side of the Story

A few days ago, I shared my opinions on an offer to “co-publish” my manuscript that I received from Charisma Media. I felt, and feel, that at the very best the deal is bad for writers and at worst their

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Writer Beware: Creation House / Charisma Media

Before I go into what I think writers should be aware of before working with Creation House / Charisma Media, let me give you a bit of background. (You can skip to specific discussion of Charisma Media if you’re not

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The Orthodox Wedding Ceremony

In twelve weeks, Kirsten and I will be married in an Orthodox church. Since many of our guests are either not Orthodox or not Christian, and we wanted them to have a sense of what’s happening in the wedding ceremony,

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