The Lost Stories: Release Date and Free Ebook Offer

My book The Lost Stories: A Series of Cosmic Adventures will be published on the Kindle store on September 16, 2011 and other ebook retailers in the following weeks.

The Lost Stories are the adventures of James Kollins: greedy, petty, selfish captain of the galactic warship DeVille; a man obsessed with the holodrama Captain Courageous and the Women Who Love Him; a man completely unforgiving of his much-maligned first officer.  A man who has just met the Creator of the universe, though he doesn’t quite realize it yet, and whose life is about to change in ways he never dreamed possible, though he doesn’t quite know it yet.

Advance Review Copies (ARCs) are now available. Simply email to request a free ebook in your preferred format (pdf, epub, mobi, etc.). ARCs are provided to reviewers and readers in advance of a book’s official release with the idea that they will post a review (on ebook retailer sites or on their blog, for example), helping to spread the word about the book. This offer is valid until September 15, 2011.

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