Bishop John VS the Antichrist

They’ve barely survived a worldwide plague—will they survive what comes next?

Bishop John Cover ArtBeset by violent nightmares and feeling abandoned by the God whose presence he’d felt so keenly only a short while ago, Father John Salibi is distracted, irritable, and completely devoid of spiritual power.

But then he meets an enigmatic old man who tells him that all will be well. In contrast to John, the old man commands staggering power: he travels great distances in moments, he multiplies food in his hands; and he performs wonderful miracles of healing in a world desperately in need of healing. The old man even claims to have defeated the antichrist, the mysterious figure haunting John’s dreams and whose activity in the world allowed the plague John had once thought of, in his ignorance, as the “zombie apocalypse.” Is the old man real, or a figment of John’s troubled imagination? If real, where does his power come from—from God or from somewhere else?

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A story of good and evil, of faith and love, of defeat and death and resurrection, and of the one thing necessary.

In this epic sequel to Father John VS the Zombies, the story of the end of the world continues…