Month: April 2017

A Devil’s Gospel: Released!

A Devil’s Gospel is now available for instant purchase at the following retailers in ebook format: Amazon: US | CAN | UK Kobo Barnes & Noble Apple iTunes And the paperback is available for purchase from Amazon (check with your

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A Devil’s Gospel: What Surprised Me Most About The Bible (Spoilers Ahead)

In my post on March 10, I promised to share with you what I thought was the most surprising thing about the Bible through a lengthy excerpt from A Devil’s Gospel. Throughout my life I’ve read the Bible many times over,

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A Devil’s Gospel: Why I Wrote This Novel (Spoilers Ahead)

In last Friday‘s post, I mentioned that many years ago there was a publisher who was seriously considering buying the rights to A Devil’s Gospel. A member of their selection committee wasn’t comfortable with one of the themes of the novel,

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A Devil’s Gospel: Rublev’s Trinity Icon

On March 17, I shared the cover I did for the draft of A Devil’s Gospel. The cover image is of Rublev’s trinity icon, which I felt perfectly encapsulated one of the themes of my novel. The “surface” depiction is

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