Month: July 2009

Confused Expressions #8: The Wheel that Squeaks … and Squeaks … and Squeaks

For reasons personal and interesting only to myself, I’ve been thinking about people who complain regularly (often with the preamble that they aren’t the type of person who likes to complain), and the very old expression about which wheel gets

Confused Expressions #7: Begging the Question

Very few things throw me more in a conversation than when someone says, “And of course that begs the question …” In philosophy, “begging the question” is a technical term that means you’ve made the fallacy of assuming the truth

Bike Log #5

After I published my previous bike log, in which I begged motorists to be more careful around cyclists and to do a better job of sharing the road, it was pointed out to me that cyclists have a role to

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Bike Log #4

My plans for this month’s bike log changed the moment I heard about a traffic accident that happened earlier this week in Kanata (a suburb of Ottawa). Early Sunday morning, a man driving a minivan swerved into the bike lane

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