Month: April 2009

Confused Expressions #5: Thank Goodness

Of all the expressions I don’t understand, “thank goodness” is my favorite. Without any other consideration, however, I’d regard the term a step above mere noise or throat-clearing. Although the first word conveys a sense of gratitude (of course), the

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Confused Expressions #4: Apples and Oranges

“You can’t compare apples to oranges” is a fine and meaningful expression within certain contexts: for example, if someone says that the movie version of a book had better special effects than the book, it’d be fair to take that

Bike Log #2

After posting the first bike log, several friends (including friend-of-the-blog Matt Surch) encouraged me to dive in and bike every day. At the time, one of the things I wondered was what kind of excuses I’d come up with for

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Confused Expressions #3: Feed Two Birds with One Worm

I have no issue with people who prefer the expression “feed two birds with one worm” to “kill two birds with one stone”; I use either one, with a slight preference towards the latter. My issue is with people who

Bike Log #1

A few months ago, when the union responsible for Ottawa’s local bus service decided they could inflict maximal harm on the city by going on strike in the dead of winter, I turned my frustration into a vow that I

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Hal Wallis’s Casablanca

For my second recommendation, I’ve chosen to write about the classic movie Casablanca. If you’re lucky enough that you haven’t yet seen this movie, prepare yourself for a treat (and to be shocked at how many famous lines come from

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